Keep an Eye on Your Corporate Culture as You Grow

It is inevitable for businesses to run into challenges throughout their lifespans, and corporate culture can be one of those. With small businesses, company size allows senior leadership to address these issues directly; however, as the company expands, this method becomes less and less feasible. While delegation is useful, you need to understand that the more people you have in the mix, the larger in quantity and scale company culture issues can grow. To keep these issues from getting out of control, consider these recommendations of how to instill a positive culture at work.

1. Find Common Ground and Reinforce it

The hard part of large companies is getting everyone on the same page; however, a mission, vision, and values for the company can align everyone. Through a defined common ground, employees at every level can know what the company stands for and how everything they do ties back into that.

2. Build a Community

As adults, many of us spend the majority of our waking hours at the workplace. The time we spend at work mustn’t be soul-crushing, so it is important to encourage a workplace community. Staff must know that they have that support and are valued as individuals.

3. Benefits That Truly Benefit the Employee

Free office swag is great, but when employees need other types of support. Benefits like medical and dental insurance and retirement plans will speak volumes of a company’s willingness to invest in and support individuals. While free coffee now and again is enjoyable, it is a far less meaningful perk.

4. Recognition Matters

Feeling a lack of appreciation at work is one key reason why people leave. It is important to take time to recognize those who truly are going above and beyond to keep true talent. If an employee feels that they are just another nameless cog in the wheel, they may begin to feel underappreciated and frustrated which is the prime concoction for resignation.

5. Feedback is Key

If you truly are dedicated to improving your corporate culture, you need to understand what is working well and the real problems. With anonymous feedback, you can let people clue you in on what is truly going on even if there are deep-seated issues. Conduct these frequently to monitor progress and determine how you can continue improving.

Corporate culture is a key ingredient in employee satisfaction, retention, and overall happiness. Make sure that your organization is doing all that it can to support a positive culture and you will be sure to see the start to an amazing evolution.

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