Equipment Financing

Funding To Equip Your Team

Every business needs tools, machines and equipment to operate. Of course, these purchases can be very expensive. R & A Capital Solutions, LLC offers equipment financing and leasing option to help companies large and small get what they need to succeed. We can help with acquiring equipment of almost any type including large ticket items.

Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

Many of our customers prefer equipment leasing because it offers some significant advantages. For example, it helps teams avoid owning obsolete and valueless equipment. Additionally, it means that cash and credit lines will always be available for other needs. Finally, there are numerous tax and accounting advantages.

Of course, some clients want to own their equipment for the long-term. These are some reasons to finance your purchase through R & A Capital Solutions, LLC:

  • No or low down payment
  • Multiple financing options
  • No financial statements on smaller applications
  • Large amounts available for large-ticket items

Our Financing Programs

At R & A Capital Solutions, LLC, we offer special equipment leasing and financing programs to help our customers in unique circumstances. These are some of our most popular programs:

  • Startups: We can help startup businesses get their first equipment. This is a great option for organizations that have been in business for less than two years.
  • B-, C- or D-Credit: If your business has less-than-perfect credit, we may still be able to help. We have a special program for damaged business and personal credit borrowers.
  • Government and Municipal Leases: If you represent a government or municipal entity, we can provide guaranteed leasing approval. These are some examples of the types of organizations that can qualify:
    • State and federal agencies
    • Libraries
    • Uniformed services
    • School districts
    • Emergency services
  • Sales and Lease Back: If you need cash now and own your equipment, we can buy your equipment from you. We will lease it back to you, so you can continue to operate. When you make the final payment, we will return ownership.

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Contact R & A Capital Solutions, LLC today to learn more about equipment financing and leasing options. We look forward to getting you started.