Get Ahead by Upping Your Professional Presence

In the workplace, you must distinguish yourself as someone worth paying attention to your level of professionalism and work ethic to achieve success. One unique factor is your professional presence and if you can master it, you will certainly see improvements. Consider how you can use presence to your advantage and see positive progress in your professional life.

What Is a Professional Presence?

You always know when you see that person who just has that one factor, the unique gravitas that makes them stand out. That is a professional presence, someone who embodies an air of expertise, confidence, and credibility. This level of prestige is something that is internally controlled. It grabs the attention of everyone around them and signals that the “it” factor is something that everyone wants. It draws people in and grabs their attention in a way that is appealing and influential.

Confident Communication

The “it” factor of people who embody that presence is a level of confidence often exhibited through their air and communication. And it can be easy to be influenced by those who can present themselves so charmingly. Whether it is exhibiting the right nonverbal cues, harnessing excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, or engaging with others effectively, presence is woven throughout all of these interactions. This builds a level of trust from the audience, insight, and a level of confidence in that presence, faked or otherwise.

Appearing the Part

That gravitas can also be greatly influenced by physical appearances. It is important to look the part and fit into that world. Putting your best foot forward with your clothing choices, style and look can all lend themselves to your success. While you will want to look the part, make sure that you also feel confident in what you are wearing and in your look, as confidence will exude from you if you are in that state of mind.

Your level of professionalism is so much more than showing up at work and being physically present. Being able to command a room and show a level of confidence in your work and yourself through your actions, interactions and appearance can be ways to distinguish you from the pack. Remember that you do not need to step on those around you to get ahead, but rather just exhibit your most dedicated and driven self to show off why you are the employee to watch. To create a positive reputation for yourself, make sure that you embrace your presence and embody the fiercest version or yourself.

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