3 Simple Ways Companies Can Balance Business Growth With Healthy Corporate Culture

As a business owner or manager, you know that one of the biggest challenges in managing corporate growth is finding a way to retain a healthy, thriving corporate culture at the same time. For instance, larger companies may have a harder time creating a close-knit, family-type feel among employees and bosses, or may develop a reputation for being bland, cold or even boring. However, maintaining a strong cultural image is an important part of most business’ brands and may even play a major role in helping the company achieve financial success. If you want to balance business growth with a healthy corporate cultural life, here are three simple approaches your business can take.

1. Make Your Company Values Clear in Your Branding and More

One of the best ways to maintain your core values as you continue to grow and expand is to strengthen your messaging, ensure your branding is consistent and focus in on your underlying motivation. For instance, if your company was founded on a certain belief, goal or hope, make that a central part of all of your branding and all of your advertisements. This not only helps define your company and create awareness as you expand, but may also attract employees who fit well into your company’s cultural niche.

2. Establish Resilient Relationships With Your Employees

Employees are the beating heart of healthy corporate atmospheres, so making sure that workplace relations are smooth is essential. Spend time on team trust-building exercises, company retreats and similar activities that can help build trust and bonds between coworkers and managers. A company made up of content employees with resilient relationships is much more likely to retain its culture than one where the workers hardly know each other!

3. Offer Unique and Highly Attractive Employee Benefits

Lastly, make sure that your job offers include all the perks that your ideal employees would want. For instance, if your company’s mission is to help consumers lead healthier lives, you may want to offer great healthcare insurance and discounted gym memberships to help bring on board team members who exemplify your values.

For many companies, finding the sweet spot between strong long-term growth and cultural authenticity can be tough. In order to strike the right balance and retain your distinctive corporate culture while still growing, scaling and expanding, it’s important to drive home your core messages in branding, focus on fostering good employee relationships and provide unique perks to make sure your company continues to attract top industry talent. Follow these three simple tips and you could find the ideal business balance!

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